Wedding Photography Adrenaline
January 1, 2017

An Essex Wedding

I love travelling to different parts of the country to photograph weddings. Although I am now based in Bedfordshire, previously in Northamptonshire, local weddings are brilliant however, I enjoy the variety of different venues. Of course, I always think of new places and angles and lighting scenarios when returning to the same venue for each wedding, but I have to take care to ensure I don’t replicate something I did before; to think creatively and ensure I don’t slip into a standard routine of photographs. You will have seen from my other blog posts that I am always striving for uniqueness for each of my brides.  Each new venue I photograph at, gives me a clean sheet, a new canvas to start working with. I am like a kid in sweet shop.

Earlier this year Philippa and Robert got married down in Australia at Ayers Rock, then held a reception for everyone who couldn’t travel to the wedding. The reception was held near their home at the Ivy Hill Hotel in Chelmsford, Essex. Although I have photographed weddings in Essex before, I hadn’t been to the Ivy Hill Hotel before.

Despite a lot of rain earlier in the day, the evening sun along with the lovely Ivy Hill Hotel gardens, offered us some fantastic opportunities and provided the perfect setting for their wedding photographs and the night’s partying was excellent. I have included a couple of the photographs for below for you.

I have also included a photograph of Philippa’s bouquet. The original one from the wedding made of native flowers was not allowed to be taken out of Australia. Philippa had her UK florist source flowers from Europe which closely resembled the Australian flora. So again, I think this bouquet is rather unique; I certainly haven’t seen one quite like this before.